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Grant Importing 2008 Golf Outing


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Klinger hammers the "Money Ball"

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The King said that Emil carried his 4some.

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A deer (Left of the ball washer) ran buy as Klinger reached for his shot gun.

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Thor had to spend $56.00 for these shorts, because there is no denim allowed.

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Thor had raffle ticket #259 that said "Deposit this Stub" and Klinger had raffle ticket #259 that said "Keep this Ticket"

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Brinks put Thor's stub in the box and a few minutes later, #259 was pulled and Klinger won 4 tickets to a Sox game!

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Don't you wish you had a chromium 5 iron like the Macgregor forged Mashi Iron that is pictured above? How about this hand forged Mashie-Niblic 7 iron? (Never went 100 yards)                             

A mashie is a lofted iron club that was introduced in the 1880's and is no longer in use. (except by Lopatka) Used for pitching with backspin. Another name for the number 5 iron.

A mashie-iron is an iron club that had less of a loft than a mashie.  Used for driving and full shots through the green. Another name for the number 4 iron. A Mashie-Niblick is an iron club, no longer in use, (except by Lopatka) with a loft somewhere between that of a mashie and a niblick. Club was used for pitching. Another name for the number 6 or 7 iron.
Niblick is an obsolete deep-bladed more steeply lofted than a mashie, used especially for playing from sand and from the rough, Old term for a 9 iron.



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