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Thanks to....

Bill "Maestro" Conti  for the Charcoal
Grandpa Ken for the Ice, coolers and delivery of the meat. 
Nick "The Hammer" for showing up early to unload the grill with Klinger and Mike
Ron at Bonos for the great price on Beef, Sausage and green Peppers

Thor for the Bread
Klinger for the Grill
, onions and beer delivery
Knarf for the  Paper goods 
Tim "Basketball Jones" Smith for the Corn & Butter,
Tommy Z for the ice
Perry for the Pop and water

Art for getting his Mom to bake some great deserts

Stump for the Hot Peppers

Beak for the Toys, Rockets, 48 Buns, 48 Dogs, and Condiments

Boris and Evi for the Permit

Brinks for the Beer 

Rich Storm for the "Next generation" Meaningless Duffer Trophy.

Too bad our goalies don't go to picnics

The Duffer picnic was a big success again because of these people. 

Summer Calendar

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The call for young studs to lift the grill off of the trailer fell on deaf ears.  80 year old Nick had to help Klinger and Mike do the grunt work. 

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Thor showed up and started slicing bread, as Hacksaw supervised.


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The Maestro got there with the charcoal.

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The cicadas liked Klinger's Harley hat.

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Ken delivered the Bono's Beef and sausage, but it was fresh from the freezer, so Thor had to soften it up a little.

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Klinger got hungry waiting for the sausage to thaw, so he made a pepper and onion sandwich.

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picnic 014.jpg (1145736 bytes)

Tweedy showed up and brought the rain.

picnic 015.jpg (992672 bytes)

Dan's Wife, Sabine, found out that she is carrying a baby boy.

picnic 016.jpg (1266660 bytes) picnic 017.jpg (931678 bytes)
picnic 021.jpg (1170198 bytes)

Beak's son-in-law, Dan, volunteered to take over the grill duty until Doc Suchy showed up.  Doc and the King never made it.

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Basketball Jones showed up with the corn, but he sent his wife out for the butter.

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picnic 057.jpg (1014354 bytes) picnic 087.jpg (1348624 bytes)
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Beak presented the "Next generation" Meaningless Duffer Trophy to Tim "Basketball Jones" Smith.  Tim is holding the trophy that he must return next year.  Beak has the "Keeper" in his hand.

trophy.jpg (1035032 bytes)

The 1993-94 winner, Thor, couldn't remember what his "Keeper" trophy looked like, pictured above is the one that was presented to Beak in 1985.  It had a hockey player with 2 horse butts.

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Boris alias "Hacksaw, Mr. Clean, Dr. Evil" was awarded the Klinger Krash Award for some of the spills that he had while refereeing.

picnic 082.jpg (1130276 bytes)

Mia looks on as her grandpa Boris is awarded the 2007 Klinger Krash award.  Former winners were Stump '02, Frank '03, The Alien '04, Mini Wheezer '05 and Thor '06.

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picnic 100.jpg (1090540 bytes) cecada.jpg (277863 bytes)

The cicadas were everywhere 2 year old Audrey gives one to Grace.

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picnic 124.jpg (1029080 bytes) picnic 115.jpg (961478 bytes)
picnic 129.jpg (929454 bytes) picnic 109.jpg (1087120 bytes)

Meaningless Trophy Winners

82-83 Jim “The King” Miceli”

83-84 Ken “Stump” Barczynski

84-85 Greg “Beak” Lopatka

85-86 John “Gomez “ Santoro

86-87 Tom SlimeDog”Kowalkowski

87-88 Bob “Dill” Deau

88-89 Nick “The Hammer” Brescia

89-90 Frank ( ) Presecky

90-91 Walter “Waju” Kraft

91-92 John “Wheezer” Clementson

92-93 Bill “Klinger” Giffune

*93-94 Gene “Thor” Miller

*94-95 Arvydas “Harvey”Dikinis

*95-96 Joe “Papa Gieseippi” Mazzarella

96-97 Fred “Fruit Cake” Bobka

97-98 “Hacksaw”

98-99 Chris “Berserk” Mazurk

99-2000 John “Magoo” Landry

2000-01 Don “Brinks” Granato

2001-2002 John “Hitman” Heitman

**2002-2003 Jim “The King” Miceli”

*Received their trophies in 1996, because the trophy was lost in Kiliger's basement for 3 years.

**Trophy was retired

"Next generation" Meaningless Duffer Trophy

2003-04 Mike "Rich Storm "Presecky

2004-05 Gene "Geno" Cromwell

2005-06 Tom "Tommy Z" Zagorski

2006-07 Tim "Basketball Jones" Smith


Summer Games Schedule

Friday July 13th at 9:00 P.M. Game at Bolingbrook 

Friday August 10th at 9:10 P.M. Game at Bolingbrook 

Sunday August 19 Cubs Vs Cardinals  $35.00

(Game Time TBD ESPN might make them play at night)

Saturday August 25, 2007 at Waveland on Lake Michigan 

(Holy Trinity HS Golf outing $50.00 Golf, Drinks, food and prizes)

Waveland is now called the Marovitz Golf Course

3600 N Recreation Drive

Chicago, IL 60613

Food and Drinks will be at the Mutiny

2428 N. Western Ave

Chicago, Il 60647


E-mail Greg Lopatka at g.lopatka@comcast.net
 for tickets

Beaks Summer Schedule


Krash.jpg (303081 bytes)

Donny G would have won the 2007 Klinger Krash award for this spill, but he was at the Hockey Draft for Toronto and winners must be present at the time of the presentation of the Klinger Krash award.

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