Dan and Sabine Lopatka were blessed with a 3430 gram (7 pound, 9 ounce) baby girl on April 1, 2002.

 Grace Adeline is Beak's 6th grandchild.

Rich Storm is at it again!  Last year, he had Knarf on the cover of the Slap Shot Video cover.  He followed that with Klinger as the Charleston Chief's goalie, Denny LeMeaux. This week he has Larry Hansen as one of the Hansen brothers.  Larry usually escapes the wrath of the Duffers by laying low and keeping quiet, but he came out and blew the whistle on the Duffers when he was interviewed by Bolingbrook Sun Reporter, Lauren Kraft.  He told her that we were caring, emotional, sensitive, delicate guys.  In one lose lipped  moment, he blew the image that we spent years cultivating.  We had people convinced that we were  insensible, unfeeling, unimpressionable, unresponsive buffoons.  Way to go Larry. 

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Friday March 29, 2002
 Beer Nuts scored first for the Reds, on a beautiful set up by Tommy Z and Dizzy Dzingel.  Magoo or Brinks (The memory is going fast) then gave the Reds and The Anvil a 2 goal lead. The Alien brought his son-in-law Chris along to try to get him a goal. The Anvil stoned Chris several times, when Chris finally set up his father-in-law to get the Whites back in the game.  Hacksaw left early with tennis pain and the Whites caught fire when Tweedy and Chris started rotating at center. Mike the Nailer DeVevo scored to tie it, and again to win it. Thor added an insurance goal and guest Lorenzo added a meaningless goal  to give the Whites and Gary the Ghost the meaningless win.

Summer Dates have been added


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The Cammi Day Parade is on Saturday , April 20, 2002

The parade rout is much shorter than in 1998.  The Parade will start at Maple and Main Streets at 10:00 AM, and end at the Burlington tracks.  Beak has ordered 300 Cammi-Duffer pucks (Pictured below) if you haven't made a requested $5.00 donation, see Beak.  He has half of the pucks paid for, thanks to double donations by Knarf, Wheezer's Brother, Keith, and Klinger. A big Thank You to  Berserk!   quadruple gift of $20.00.  

April 20     Cammi Day Parade in Downers Grove 

The King will lead the Duffer float down Main street with Klinger's red white and blue Harley, while we throw Duffer Cammi pucks to the crowd. 

May 3      Emil Ludy's Retirement Party

May 4      Emil Ludy's Golf and Hockey Game

June 14      First Summer Skate

June 15      Tentative Picnic Date

June 20& 22     Jimmy Buffett Concerts

July 12       2nd Summer Skate

July 13 or 20       Tony and Tina's Wedding

August 16       3rd Summer Skate

September 6       Season Starts

September 7       Golf Outing at Waveland



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Click on the above invitations for Emil's party details 


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