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Bolingbrook, IL 12/16/05

Attendance 18  Report by The Beak

Final score was in doubt until the beer flowed!

Before the puck was dropped, Geno looked at the players on each team and said, "the Reds can't lose."  Rich Storm counted heads saw that the Whites only had 7 skaters and the Reds had 9.  He looked at his Red team mates and said, "someone has to go White"  Beak said, "If you need a guy that sucks, I'll go."  That gave each team 3 defensemen and 5 forwards.  That formula produced a wide open game.  The

Basketball Jones has a bowl of chili to celebrate the win.

meaningful game was undisputed, as Hitman had 2, Thor  and Beak each had one for the Whites.  Geno had the only Meaningful goal for the Reds, when he buried a one timer on a beautiful pass from Tommy Z.  Geno likes that Red jersey, as Tommy set him up 3 times last week. 
Now for the meaningless contest.  Red goals: Jeff Lopatka scored 4, even though Thor and his Uncle Dan kept knocking him all over the place.  He did have some help from Tweedy and Butt Head, when they tipped 2 of his goals past the Brain.  Tommy Z had 3 or 4.  Mini Wheeze had a pair and Geno had 1, for a total of 10 or 11.  White goals:  Art had 5 or 6, Tweedy had 2 or 3, Hitman had 2 and Thor, Cup Cake and Beak each had 1.  For a total of 12 -14.  The Whites were declared the winners after 3 pitchers of Amstel Light.  The bar was so crowed that Beak had a hard time getting back to the Duffer corner.  He got the crowd to part when he showed them a picture of his hip scar and bruise.  By the way, that picture was removed from the Duffer website so that we could keep our family rating with Net Nanny.  Besides that, several Duffers threw up on their key board at work when they brought up the Duffer News page last week. Thor had a self inflicted Klinger Krash that shut the game down for a laughter break.  He raced over to the boards to pick up a loose puck when he lost his balance and crashed in a heap.  His stick went flying right past Rich Storm's head as he came to rest on the puck.

Coming Soon
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A Rich Storm CD will be released for the New Years party.  The CD will cost  only $10:00 and only  $5.00 to those that bought the first CD.  All of Rich Storm's pictures will be put in motion to several Jimmy Buffet  songs.

Beak and Mini Wheezer pooled their goals to claim a Hat Trick.







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