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Most of the pictures below were taken when we played our 25th Turkey hockey game.

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Bolingbrook, IL 11/18/05

Attendance 23  Report by The Beak

10 Meaningful Goals last week, only 1 on Thursday!

Stump gave me a DVD of a 1982 Duffer game and there were some surprising events preserved on that 23 year old video.  The first thing that got my attention was the speed of the game.  We were slow back then.  I was impressed at the hot

shot teenagers in that game.  Brian Kraft and Donny Granato were on their best behavior, setting up us old (Forty  something) guys.  I could have used one of those guys on Thursday when my new hip made it's Duffer debut.  I only got one shot on net and that came when I picked off a Klinger clearing pass. I was always in the wrong zone.  by the time I got to the attacking zone the play was over and my center was heading back on defense. Frank played left wing for the first time in years.  He said Art set him up 3 or 4 times with nice passes, but he couldn't beat Tweedy.  Frank suggested that maybe we could get Donny to give a Duffer Etiquette clinic for the speedy guys.  Brinks had the only Meaningful goal that was set up by Kevin.  Kevin and Art had a ton of Meaningless goals for the Whites and Tommy Z and Berserk matched those goals for the Reds.  Berserk's Nephew scored on a nice one timer.  Stump helped one of Berserk's shots get past the Brain when he deflected a wide shot past his own goalie.  Hacksaw was MVP, as he showed up in time to get the first aid kit that helped stop the bleeding on Art's eye.  He also took the team picture.  Mini Wheezer's Dad (Uncle Bob's brother) captured most of the game on digital video.  A big thank you to Stump for supplying the great tasting Coconut Rum Slushies and The Flea for bringing a cooler full of Amstel Lights. 

My Mom gave thanks, as she celebrated her 92nd Thanksgiving.

Art gave blood for his efforts.


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(Right) Art celebrated the 25th Duffer outing by giving blood.
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(Above) Frank traded positions with Thor, It is safe to say they will both be back playing their usual positions next week.  Frank tells me Art tried to set him up a few times, but he couldn't convert.  Beak did manage one shot on goal when he picked off a Klinger clearing pass. 

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(Above) Hacksaw came by to share in the Turkey Festival and he was nice enough to take the team picture. 

(Left) Rich Storm shows off his glow in the dark pants.




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