Brinks, Fruit Cake and Thor!

would like to get the group discount. he will need your money by Friday  December 21, so he can get your tickets to you the following  week.

Gary "The Ghost" was outstanding in the nets for the  Whites again, Holding the Red Army to only one meaningful goal. Harvey beat the Ghost early in the game to put the Reds in front.  Stump scored for the Ghost  Whites when he fired a shot from the point that changed  direction when it hit Klinger's well padded posterior and flew past Tweedy the goalie. Brinks crashed the net as Klinger was wrestling with Beak in the slot, and poked in a goal to tie the Meaningful contest at one apiece.  Fruit cake scored to give the Whites a 2-1 lead.  The Whites were going to petition for a discount on the Stump goal, arguing that he should be meaningful because of all of his years of 

Rich Storm took advantage of an opportunity to feature new targets.  This is Dizzy Dzingle's first appearance in a Rich Storm creation

Brinks also got a début as Rich Storm did a search to find a picture of some Strohs to replace that inferior beer that was featured in the movie.  The search lead him to the 6/10/00 Duffer's Hockey News , where Klinger, Knarf, Dill Deau, Beak, Berserk, Mr. Clean and Stump were shown drinking a Strohs. Google also gave him the Duffer News site of March 3, 2000  where we talked  about a bus full of Strohs and food for a Hayward trip.  The picture was the King on the cover of the Wine Spectator.

service.  Then Thor scored to ice the game with a break away goal when he showed Tweedy a move that was never  before seen anywhere.  Thor's goal gave him a 3 week scoring streak where he has lit up 3 different goalies. (Eddie, Brian and Tweedy)  He has his sights on Stump and The Ghost.
USA Vs. Canada
Cammi Granato and the USA hockey team will be at the UC on January 5, 2002.  Adult tickets are $15.00 and Kids under twelve are $13.00.  We can get $2.00 off per ticket if we  order 15 tickets or more.  Beak will be taking cash or  checks, (Make your check out to Beak) if you

The Rich Storm pictures are direct result of the Thanksgiving Friday ice Cancellation.  Some of the Duffers went over to Uncle Bob's house to frolic in the Hot Tub and watch movies.  Smokey and the Bandit was featured and once again, Stump and Uncle Bob showed their flexibility..