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Bolingbrook, IL 10/14/05

Attendance 20  E-Report by The Flea

Jeff Gets 9 goals in 3 Games!

Beak made his first appearance on the ice since his hip replacement.  He was wearing the same stripes that were worn by Hall of Fame referee, Nick Brescia.  Beak said, "My new hip felt great after the game and in the morning, but my old hip hurt like hell on Saturday, until I downed a pain killer and an anti-inflammatory pill."  With another poor turn out, it was a young man's delight.  Jeff Lopatka started the scoring on the first shift,

Beak was back, wearing the Duffer hall of fame referee jersey of Nick Brescia.

when he took a break away pass from his uncle Tweedy and buried it past the Brain.  On the next shift, Perry made it 2-0, when he came in uncontested.  Tweedy gave the Reds an early 3 goal lead on his next shift.  It looked like a blow out was underway, but Tommy Z settled things down with a goal for the Whites.  Eddie the Anvil was stopping everything until then.  By The Way Bill flashed some brilliance or was it his green card and made the score Reds 3, Whites 2.  Jeff scored his second goal late in the second period, but Tommy kept it close with his second tally for the Visitors.  The Reds pulled away in the third period, when Jeff picked up his third hat trick in 3 games!  Tweedy and the Flea each picked up their second goals of the night and it looked like Beer Nuts was going to get the Meaningful game winner, when he fired a wrist shot at the Brain, but the Brain claims the Flea tipped it in for his Hat Trick.  The game ended with meaningful shut outs for Eddie and The Brain.  It was an 8-3 Meaningless win for the Reds.   

Perry, Mini Wheezer, Beer nuts, Jeff, Tweedy, Stump, Frank, Fred, Klinger played for the Reds. Boris, Poly Tim, By the Way Bill, Harvey, Hitman, Rich Storm, Doc, Tom and Johnny Z played for the Whites

Boris almost got a lap dance in the locker room, when one of the women from the game before us left her clothes in our locker room.  Don't get excited, she was fully covered in hockey gear.  A big thank you to The Flea, who helped Beak with his skates and pads.  Beak only made 2 bad calls, He called icing and Rich Storm told him, "We want more ice time, don't call icings.  If Beak was playing, he would have given Stormy some lip because the mature

 Duffers love face offs.  His second bad call was when he called his grand son, Jeff, off side nobody complained. 

The Brain's lady, Jenn, was the MVP.  She provided the cool brews in the parking lot on another beautiful night, with Mars putting on a beautiful display.

Mars appeared to be the largest in two years. 
(See pictures on the left)

Click on the pictures below to see the full image.

marss.jpg (28188 bytes) 10-14-05 002.jpg (117832 bytes)

There was an internet hoax that claimed that Mars would appear as large as the full moon on August 27.  Two years ago on that date, Mars made it's closest pass in hundreds of years.  It was still almost 50 million miles away and appeared about a big as it did in the last 2 weeks. 

10-14-05 004.jpg (140566 bytes) 10-14-05 005.jpg (550647 bytes)
10-14-05 006.jpg (121466 bytes) 10-14-05 007.jpg (119939 bytes)
10-14-05 008.jpg (118579 bytes) 10-14-05 009.jpg (120378 bytes)
10-14-05 018.jpg (142263 bytes) 10-14-05 013.jpg (164122 bytes)
10-14-05 010.jpg (120766 bytes) 10-14-05 015.jpg (122161 bytes)
10-14-05 012.jpg (158978 bytes) 10-14-05 017.jpg (111538 bytes)

5 years ago

October 20, 2000 

Fred had Fun in Brazil!


John "Magoo" Landry scored the first meaningful goal for the Blues to wipe out a lead that Hitman gave the home team in the first period.  Magoo pounced on a Tommy Z rebound when he heard the beeping puck in the crease and poked it past Stump. 
Bill "The Alien" Allen  scored the winner in the final period as he scored on a pass from our youngest Duffer, Tommy Z.  The game was very fast because Beak's grandson Mike,  invited three of his Downers Grove South high school hockey teammates.  The speedy teens were split up with GOD, Mike Lopatka and Jeff Lopez playing for the Blues and Terrence O'Keeffe and Chris Cotsilis put on White sweaters.  The teens learned the Duffer scoring system quickly as they tried to set up meaningful Duffers all night.  Mike the Nailer also brought a speedy guest, Derrick, who set up Hitman's goal.  Tweedy and Roger Dodger were also present to kick the speed of the game up a few more notches. With all of that speed, the game was a surprisingly low scoring affair, thanks to the fine goal tending of Stump and Brian and the stellar defense of The King, his son Jerry, Beernuts, Beavis, Frank and Klinger.  The meaningless score was 4-4 and the Blues won the Meaningful contest 2-1.

I got the following creation from Rich storm at 2:00 P.M. on Thursday.
One hour later, Mini Wheezer sent me the following from an unknown author.

Josh Paul gave the Angels the X-Cub factor.  They couldn't lose. 

Anybody that ever was a catcher past little league knows that you never trust an umpire, you tag him until you get the out.



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